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etc/NEWS: Document EUDC improvements

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2015-01-27 Thomas Fitzsimmons <>
* NEWS: Document EUDC improvements.
2015-01-26 Lars Ingebrigtsen <>
* publicsuffix.txt: Install an updated version of the file from
......@@ -495,6 +495,38 @@ As a result of the above, these commands are now obsolete:
`find-tag-other-window', `find-tag-other-frame', `find-tag-regexp',
`tags-apropos' and `tags-loop-continue'.
EUDC's LDAP backend has been improved.
*** EUDC supports LDAP-over-SSL URLs (ldaps://).
*** EUDC passes LDAP passwords through a pipe to the ldapsearch
subprocess instead of on the command line.
*** EUDC handles LDAP wildcards automatically so the user shouldn't
need to configure this manually anymore.
*** The LDAP configuration section of EUDC's manual has been
There have also been customization changes.
*** New custom variable `eudc-server-hotlist' to allow specifying
multiple EUDC servers in init file.
*** Custom variable `eudc-inline-query-format' defaults to completing
on email and firstname instead of surname.
*** Custom variable `eudc-expansion-overwrites-query' defaults to nil
to avoid interfering with the kill ring.
*** Custom variable `eudc-inline-expansion-format' defaults to
"Firstname Surname <mail-address>".
*** New custom variable `ldap-ldapsearch-password-prompt-regexp' to
allow overriding the regular expression that recognizes the ldapsearch
command line's password prompt.
** Obsolete packages
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