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(xml-maybe-do-ns): New function to handle namespace

parsing of both attribute and element names.
(xml-ns-parse-ns-attrs, xml-ns-expand-el, xml-ns-expand-attr)
(xml-intern-attrlist): Remove in favor of xml-maybe-do-ns.
(xml-parse-tag): Update assumed namespaces.  Clean up namespace parsing.
(xml-parse-attlist): Make it do its own namespace parsing.
parent 44b254cc
......@@ -52,15 +52,15 @@
;; The functions `xml-parse-file' and `xml-parse-tag' return a list with
;; the following format:
;; The functions `xml-parse-file', `xml-parse-region' and
;; `xml-parse-tag' return a list with the following format:
;; xml-list ::= (node node ...)
;; node ::= (tag_name attribute-list . child_node_list)
;; node ::= (qname attribute-list . child_node_list)
;; child_node_list ::= child_node child_node ...
;; child_node ::= node | string
;; tag_name ::= string
;; attribute_list ::= (("attribute" . "value") ("attribute" . "value") ...)
;; qname ::= (:namespace-uri . "name") | "name"
;; attribute_list ::= ((qname . "value") (qname . "value") ...)
;; | nil
;; string ::= "..."
......@@ -68,6 +68,11 @@
;; Whitespace is preserved. Fixme: There should be a tree-walker that
;; can remove it.
;; TODO:
;; * xml:base, xml:space support
;; * more complete DOCTYPE parsing
;; * pi support
;;; Code:
;; Note that {buffer-substring,match-string}-no-properties were
......@@ -230,72 +235,27 @@ If PARSE-NS is non-nil, then QNAMES are expanded."
(cons dtd (nreverse xml))
(nreverse xml)))))))
(defun xml-ns-parse-ns-attrs (attr-list &optional xml-ns)
"Parse the namespace attributes and return a list of cons in the form:
\(namespace . prefix)"
(lambda (attr)
(let* ((splitup (split-string (car attr) ":"))
(prefix (nth 0 splitup))
(lname (nth 1 splitup)))
(when (string= "xmlns" prefix)
(push (cons (if lname
(cdr attr))
xml-ns)))) attr-list)
;; expand element names
(defun xml-ns-expand-el (el xml-ns)
"Expand the XML elements from \"prefix:local-name\" to a cons in the form
\"(namespace . local-name)\"."
(let* ((splitup (split-string el ":"))
(lname (or (nth 1 splitup)
(nth 0 splitup)))
(prefix (if (nth 1 splitup)
(nth 0 splitup)
(if (string= lname "xmlns")
(ns (cdr (assoc-string prefix xml-ns))))
(if (string= "" ns)
(cons (intern (concat ":" ns))
;; expand attribute names
(defun xml-ns-expand-attr (attr-list xml-ns)
"Expand the attribute list for a particular element from the form
\"prefix:local-name\" to the form \"{namespace}:local-name\"."
(lambda (attr)
(let* ((splitup (split-string (car attr) ":"))
(lname (or (nth 1 splitup)
(nth 0 splitup)))
(prefix (if (nth 1 splitup)
(nth 0 splitup)
(if (string= (car attr) "xmlns")
(ns (cdr (assoc-string prefix xml-ns))))
(setcar attr
(if (string= "" ns)
(cons (intern (concat ":" ns))
(defun xml-intern-attrlist (attr-list)
"Convert attribute names to symbols for backward compatibility."
(mapcar (lambda (attr)
(setcar attr (intern (car attr))))
(defun xml-maybe-do-ns (name default xml-ns)
"Perform any namespace expansion. NAME is the name to perform the expansion on.
DEFAULT is the default namespace. XML-NS is a cons of namespace
names to uris. When namespace-aware parsing is off, then XML-NS
is nil.
During namespace-aware parsing, any name without a namespace is
put into the namespace identified by DEFAULT. nil is used to
specify that the name shouldn't be given a namespace."
(if (consp xml-ns)
(let* ((nsp (string-match ":" name))
(lname (if nsp (substring name (match-end 0)) name))
(prefix (if nsp (substring name 0 (match-beginning 0)) default))
(special (and (string-equal lname "xmlns") (not prefix)))
;; Setting default to nil will insure that there is not
;; matching cons in xml-ns. In which case we
(ns (or (cdr (assoc (if special "xmlns" prefix)
(cons ns (if special "" lname)))
(intern name)))
(defun xml-parse-tag (&optional parse-dtd parse-ns)
"Parse the tag at point.
......@@ -310,10 +270,12 @@ Returns one of:
(if parse-ns
;; Default no namespace
(cons "" "")
;; Default for empty prefix is no namespace
(cons "" :)
;; "xml" namespace
(cons "xml" :
;; We need to seed the xmlns namespace
(cons "xmlns" ""))))))
(cons "xmlns" :
;; Processing instructions (like the <?xml version="1.0"?> tag at the
;; beginning of a document).
......@@ -350,19 +312,23 @@ Returns one of:
;; Parse this node
(let* ((node-name (match-string 1))
(attr-list (xml-parse-attlist))
(children (if (consp xml-ns) ;; take care of namespace parsing
(setq xml-ns (xml-ns-parse-ns-attrs
attr-list xml-ns))
(list (xml-ns-expand-attr
attr-list xml-ns)
node-name xml-ns)))
(list (xml-intern-attrlist attr-list)
(intern node-name))))
;; Parse the attribute list.
(attrs (xml-parse-attlist xml-ns))
children pos)
;; add the xmlns:* attrs to our cache
(when (consp xml-ns)
(dolist (attr attrs)
(when (and (consp (car attr))
(eq :
(caar attr)))
(push (cons (cdar attr) (intern (concat ":" (cdr attr))))
;; expand element names
(setq node-name (list (xml-maybe-do-ns node-name "" xml-ns)))
(setq children (list attrs node-name))
;; is this an empty element ?
(if (looking-at "/>")
......@@ -416,7 +382,7 @@ Returns one of:
(t ;; This is not a tag.
(error "XML: Invalid character")))))
(defun xml-parse-attlist ()
(defun xml-parse-attlist (&optional xml-ns)
"Return the attribute-list after point. Leave point at the
first non-blank character after the tag."
(let ((attlist ())
......@@ -424,8 +390,9 @@ first non-blank character after the tag."
(skip-syntax-forward " ")
(while (looking-at (eval-when-compile
(concat "\\(" xml-name-regexp "\\)\\s-*=\\s-*")))
(setq name (match-string 1))
(goto-char (match-end 0))
(setq end-pos (match-end 0))
(setq name (xml-maybe-do-ns (match-string 1) nil xml-ns))
(goto-char end-pos)
;; See also:
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