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Document mail-default-headers and an alternative method to send Bcc

to a constant address.
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......@@ -150,8 +150,11 @@ which should not appear in the header of the message actually sent.
Copies sent this way are called @dfn{blind carbon copies}.
@vindex mail-self-blind
@cindex copy of every outgoing message
To send a blind carbon copy of every outgoing message to yourself, set
the variable @code{mail-self-blind} to @code{t}.
the variable @code{mail-self-blind} to @code{t}. To send a blind carbon
copy of every message to some other @var{address}, set the variable
@code{mail-default-headers} to @samp{"Bcc: @var{address}\n"}.
@item FCC
This field contains the name of one file and directs Emacs to append a
......@@ -236,6 +239,11 @@ Use both email address and full name, as in @samp{Elvis Parsley
Allow the system to insert the @samp{From} field.
@end table
@vindex mail-default-headers
You can force Emacs to insert specific headers into the outgoing
message by customizing the variable @code{mail-default-headers}. Its
value as a string is inserted before you edit the message.
@node Mail Aliases
@section Mail Aliases
@cindex mail aliases
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