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Release MH-E version 7.90.

* NEWS, MH-E-NEWS: Update for release 7.90.
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2006-02-02 Bill Wohler <>
Release MH-E version 7.90.
* NEWS, MH-E-NEWS: Update for release 7.90.
2006-01-29 Michael Olson <>
* NEWS: Add entry for ERC.
Copyright (C) 2003, 2004, 2005 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Copyright (C) 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.
* Changes in MH-E 7.90
Version 7.90 is the first 8.0 beta release and is a release that has
finally broken away from some unfortunate legacy decisions in favor of
something that will be easier to use and support. Many bugs were fixed
and many features were added, including making the pick search
equivalent to the other types of searches.
The rewrite of the manual accelerated dramatically in recent months
and drove the changes in this release. In order to make the
manual--and hence the software--better, clearer, more consistent, more
predictable, and easier to understand, many variables and functions
were renamed. The changes to the user-visible variables are listed
here. It is our hope that you, dear MH-E user, will embrace the
changes for the better and forgive us from making so many incompatible
If you use undocumented functionality, be sure to read the ChangeLog
for changes that might affect you.
** New Features in MH-E 7.90
*** Entry Points Have Moved
Emacs 21 users must now add `(require 'mh-autoloads)' because the
entry points (such as `mh-rmail' and `mh-smail') have moved to
different files which have made the autoloads that come with Emacs
inaccurate. This change was necessary because the code was reorganized
to remove circular dependencies, to make the code more stable and
maintainable, and to reduce the time to load MH-E.
*** MH-E No Longer Calls install-mh
The new variant detection code makes use of `mhparam' which assumes
that your MH environment has already been set up. The code to call
`install-mh', which could no longer be run anyway, was removed.
*** Use run-hook-with-args
We use normal hooks whenever possible and do not use
`run-hook-with-args' (with one documented exception) (closes SF
*** Merge mh-index.el and mh-pick.el
We merged `mh-index.el' and `mh-pick.el' into a new file
`mh-search.el'. As part of this process, the old `F s' behavior of
adding messages to the search sequence has been removed. The `F i'
keybinding was then renamed to `F s' (`mh-search'). The mode of the
search-pattern buffer was renamed from MH-Pick to MH-Search. Within
the MH-Search buffer, the command `C-c C-p' (`mh-pick-do-search') now
runs pick on the given folder recursively and displays the results in
a search folder like the other search methods (closes SF #829207).
*** Improve Security of mh-fetch-x-image-url
The default has been changed to "Never Fetch." Those of you who like
the value of "Ask Before Fetching" will have to customize this option
(closes SF #831278).
*** Remove Emacs 20 Support
As it turns out, we had already added some code that didn't work on
Emacs 20. However, now we've formalized it and removed code that was
present solely for Emacs 20 support (closes SF #1359240).
*** Derive mh-letter-mode from mail-mode
MH-Letter mode is now derived from `mail-mode'. We were able to delete
a lot of code. In return, there are a few `mail-mode' commands that
are available that may or may not be useful and the `mail-mode-hook'
is run (closes SF #1385571).
*** Add Choices to mh-to-field-choices
In MH-Letter mode, you can use the "C-c C-f (mh-to-field)" prefix to
go to and insert fields. The fields "Reply-To:", "Mail-Reply-To:",
"Mail-Followup-To:" can now be created via the "C-r", "C-a" (for
author), and "C-l" keys respectively. The key for the "From:" field
has been renamed from "C-r" to "C-m" for consistency with `mail-mode'
(closes SF #1400139).
*** MH-Folder Keymap Changes
The function `mh-ps-print-toggle-mime' was never implemented and the
functionality in `mh-ps-print-msg-show' was better afforded by
`mh-ps-print-msg' and `mh-ps-print-msg-file'.
Key 7.4.85 7.4.90
F i mh-index-search -
F s mh-search-folder mh-search
P A mh-ps-print-toggle-mime -
P M mh-ps-print-toggle-mime -
P s mh-ps-print-msg-show -
*** MH-Letter Keymap Changes
The change where `mh-letter-mode' derives from `mail-mode' adds a few
keybindings. Some are interesting; experiment! Most of the changes
have to do with the renaming of the functions with "mhn" in them to
"mh" because nmh doesn't use `mhn'. The names were also made
consistent with the the family of "mml" functions.
Key 7.4.85 7.4.90
C-c C-e mh-edit-mhn mh-mh-to-mime
C-c C-f C-a - mh-to-field
C-c C-f C-l - mh-to-field
C-c C-f RET - mh-to-field
C-c C-f a - mh-to-field
C-c C-f l - mh-to-field
C-c C-f m - mh-to-field
C-c RET C-g mh-mhn-compose-anon-ftp mh-mh-compose-anon-ftp
C-c RET C-t mh-mhn-compose-external-compressed-tar
C-c RET C-u mh-revert-mhn-edit mh-mh-to-mime-undo
C-c RET C-x mh-mhn-compose-external-type mh-mh-compose-external-type
C-c RET g mh-mhn-compose-anon-ftp mh-mh-compose-anon-ftp
C-c RET t mh-mhn-compose-external-compressed-tar
C-c RET u mh-revert-mhn-edit mh-mh-to-mime-undo
C-c RET x mh-mhn-compose-external-type mh-mh-compose-external-type
*** MH-Search Keymap Changes
These are the changes associated with the new search mode. The command
`C-c C-c' (`mh-index-do-search') now performs the standard indexed
search, while `C-c C-p' (`mh-pick-do-search') runs pick as before,
only better!
Key 7.4.85 7.4.90
C-c C-c mh-do-search mh-index-do-search
C-c TAB mh-index-do-search -
** New Variables in MH-E 7.90
*** mh-after-commands-processed-hook
Hook run by `x' (`mh-execute-commands') after performing outstanding
refile and delete requests.
*** mh-before-commands-processed-hook
Renamed from `mh-folder-updated-hook'. It wasn't clear whether
`mh-folder-updated-hook' was run before or after the commands were
executed. We now provide both with clear names.
*** mh-highlight-citation-style
Renamed from `mh-highlight-citation-p' since it wasn't a boolean. The
new name is also more descriptive.
*** mh-insert-signature-hook
Renamed from `mh-letter-insert-signature-hook' since most of the other
hooks do not carry the mode in the prefix and because the new name is
equally clear.
*** mh-kill-folder-suppress-prompt-hooks
Renamed from `mh-kill-folder-suppress-prompt-hook'. By convention,
abnormal hooks, which this is, either have a -function or -hooks
*** mh-mhl-format-file
Renamed from `mhl-formfile' to put it in the MH-E namespace and to be
consistent with other similar options.
*** mh-mh-to-mime-hook
Renamed from `mh-edit-mhn-hook'. We have a family of `mh-mml-to-mime'
functions and variables; the older mhn functions and variables were
renamed to have a consistent `mh-mh-to-mime' prefix.
*** mh-new-messages-folders
Renamed from `mh-index-new-messages-folders' for clarity.
*** mh-path
Additional list of directories to search for MH.
*** mh-redist-full-contents-flag
On means the `dist' command needs entire letter for redistribution.
This was previously a variable. It's now an option.
*** mh-search-mode-hook
Renamed from `mh-pick-mode-hook' as part of the
`mh-index.el'/`mh-pick.el' merge into `mh-search.el'.
*** mh-search-program
Renamed from `mh-index-program' as part of the
`mh-index.el'/`mh-pick.el' merge into `mh-search.el'.
*** mh-sortm-args
Additional arguments for `sortm'. This was previously an internal
variable. It's now an user-customizable option.
*** mh-speed-update-interval
Renamed from `mh-speed-flists-interval' for clarity.
*** mh-ticked-messages-folders
Renamed from `mh-index-ticked-messages-folders' for clarity.
*** mh-xemacs-tool-bar-position
Renamed from `mh-xemacs-toolbar-position' per GNU Emacs naming conventions.
*** mh-xemacs-use-tool-bar-flag
Renamed from `mh-xemacs-use-toolbar-flag' per GNU Emacs naming conventions.
*** mh-yank-behavior
Renamed from `mh-yank-from-start-of-msg' for clarity.
** Variables Deleted in MH-E 7.90
*** mail-citation-hook
This is already defined in `sendmail.el'.
*** mh-edit-mhn-hook
Renamed to `mh-mh-to-mime-hook'.
*** mh-folder-updated-hook
Renamed to `mh-before-commands-processed-hook'.
*** mh-highlight-citation-p
Renamed to `mh-highlight-citation-style'.
*** mh-index-new-messages-folders
Renamed to `mh-new-messages-folders'.
*** mh-index-program
Renamed to `mh-search-program'.
*** mh-index-ticked-messages-folders
Renamed to `mh-ticked-messages-folders'.
*** mh-kill-folder-suppress-prompt-hook
Renamed to `mh-kill-folder-suppress-prompt-hooks'.
*** mh-letter-insert-signature-hook
Renamed to `mh-insert-signature-hook'.
*** mhl-formfile
Renamed to `mh-mhl-format-file'.
*** mh-pick-mode-hook
Renamed to `mh-search-mode-hook'.
*** mh-speed-flists-interval
Renamed to `mh-speed-update-interval'.
*** mh-speed-run-flists-flag
Deleted since setting `mh-speed-flists-interval' to 0 accomplishes the
same thing.
*** mh-xemacs-toolbar-position
Renamed to `mh-xemacs-tool-bar-position'.
*** mh-xemacs-use-toolbar-flag
Renamed to `mh-xemacs-use-tool-bar-flag'.
*** mh-yank-from-start-of-msg
Renamed to `mh-yank-behavior'.
** Bug Fixes in MH-E 7.90
*** Error Message When Trying to Send Using MH-E
This behavior is no longer observed (closes SF #1002103).
*** "Args out of range" Error in Displaying Message
This behavior is no longer observed (closes SF #1227504).
*** Front-and-back Truncation in mailto: Rendering
This behavior is no longer observed (closes SF #1227510).
*** Completions Offered by mh-refile-message Are Not Sorted
This behavior is no longer observed (closes SF #698734).
*** Add Message-ID to Outgoing Messages
If you replied to a message in your `+outbox', an `In-Reply-To:'
header field was created that broke threading at the recipient's end.
We now add a `Message-ID:' to outgoing messages which fixes this
(closes SF #725425).
*** Speedbar Creating New Folders Instead of Visiting Existing
This was actually fixed in 7.4.3 (closes SF #792300).
*** Args Out of Range
This compilation error was actually fixed in 7.4.3 (closes SF
*** Initialization Fails If ~/Mail Exists
MH-E no longer calls `install-mh' so this issue has gone away (closes
SF #835192).
*** RETURN Causes Infinite Loop in mh-letter
This behavior is no longer observed (closes SF #887346).
*** Missing Headers When Replying to All
User needed to edit `replgroupcomps' (closes SF #918194).
*** mh-find-path Doesn't Use mhparam
MH-E no longer peeks into the MH profile `~/.mh_profile' directly. It
uses `mhparam' instead (closes SF #1016027).
*** mh-index-previous-folder Does Not Work Correctly
If your cursor was on an item below a folder heading and you used
`M-TAB' (`mh-index-previous-folder'), you would move to the previous
folder heading. This has been fixed (closes SF #1126188).
*** XEmacs Compile Fails
Compiling produced a "Symbol's value as variable is void: require"
error on all files. This has been fixed. As a bonus, warnings have
been reduced from hundreds to just a few (closes SF #1127595).
*** buffer-offer-save Permanent Local
There was a movement to make `buffer-offer-save' a permanent local
which would have meant that we could not set it in `mh-letter-mode'.
However, this movement was fraught with issues and was postponed
(closes SF #1184756).
*** Better Handling of Empty cur Sequence
If you refiled a message into a folder and then used `F r'
(`mh-rescan-folder') in that folder, your cursor would be taken to the
first message. The cursor now stays where it was (closes SF #1207247).
*** Name of the Draft File in mh-comp.el
MH is documented to use the draft file. If you use a draft file for
something else (like Sylpheed), then use draft folders (closes SF
*** Use Standard Default Notation in Prompts
Emacs changed their defaults in prompts from "Prompt: [value]" to
"Prompt (default value): ". All MH-E prompts have been updated to
comply with the new standard (closes SF #1275933).
*** Msg Display Broken After Displaying Msg with Inline Image
Messages with inline images no longer trim certain message header
fields (closes SF #1306141).
*** mh-visit-folder Munges font-lock-keywords
MH-E broke highlighting in Gnus buffers. This was actually a problem
in CVS Emacs 22 and has been fixed there (closes SF #1393879).
*** Illegal Filename Chars for W32 Filesystems
Windows users who view `X-Image-URL:' images could not cache the
images since the cached image file names had illegal characters. This
has been fixed (closes SF #1396499).
*** mh-send Doesn't Handle mml Insertions Via mail-user-agent
Can now forward messages in Gnus if MH-E is your `mail-user-agent'
(closes SF #1399307).
* Changes in MH-E 7.85
Version 7.85 heralds a migration of the CVS repository from
......@@ -409,7 +813,7 @@ that you comment them out. The MH detection code has been completely
rewritten and it is very likely that you no longer to set them and
their setting may confuse other MH-E settings.
** Variables Deleted in MH-E
** Variables Deleted in MH-E 7.4.80
Variables that have been removed from MH-E that have not been
discussed elsewhere are listed here.
GNU Emacs NEWS -- history of user-visible changes. 2003-05-21
Copyright (C) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
Copyright (C) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
Free Software Foundation, Inc.
See the end for copying conditions.
......@@ -2978,7 +2978,7 @@ See the file GNUS-NEWS or the node "Oort Gnus" in the Gnus manual for details.
** MH-E changes.
Upgraded to MH-E version 7.85. There have been major changes since
Upgraded to MH-E version 7.90. There have been major changes since
version 5.0.2; see MH-E-NEWS for details.
** Calendar changes:
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