Commit c83febd7 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(redraw_previous_char): New function.

parent 76426794
......@@ -271,6 +271,7 @@ extern Cursor XCreateCursor ();
extern FONT_TYPE *XOpenFont ();
static void flashback ();
static void redraw_previous_char ();
#ifndef HAVE_X11
static void dumpqueue ();
......@@ -288,7 +289,7 @@ static int XTclear_end_of_line ();
of the frame being updated, so that the XT... functions do not
need to take a frame as argument. Most of the XT... functions
should never be called except during an update, the only exceptions
being XTcursor_to, XTwrite_char and XTreassert_line_highlight. */
being XTcursor_to, XTwrite_glyphs and XTreassert_line_highlight. */
extern int mouse_track_top, mouse_track_left, mouse_track_width;
......@@ -680,7 +681,9 @@ XTclear_end_of_line (first_unused)
CHAR_TO_PIXEL_ROW (f, curs_y),
FONT_WIDTH (f->display.x->font) * (first_unused - curs_x),
FONT_HEIGHT (f->display.x->font), False);
#if 0
redraw_previous_char (f, curs_x, curs_y);
#else /* ! defined (HAVE_X11) */
CHAR_TO_PIXEL_COL (f, curs_x),
......@@ -693,6 +696,38 @@ XTclear_end_of_line (first_unused)
/* Erase the character (if any) at the position just before X, Y in frame F,
then redraw it and the character before it.
This is necessary when we erase starting at X,
in case the character after X overlaps into the one before X. */
static void
redraw_previous_char (f, x, y)
int x, y;
/* Erase the character before the new ones, in case
what was here before overlaps it.
Reoutput that character, and the previous character
(in case the previous character overlaps it). */
if (x > 0)
int start_x = x - 2;
if (start_x < 0)
start_x = 0;
XClearArea (x_current_display, FRAME_X_WINDOW (f),
CHAR_TO_PIXEL_COL (f, x - 1),
FONT_WIDTH (f->display.x->font),
FONT_HEIGHT (f->display.x->font), False);
dumpglyphs (f, CHAR_TO_PIXEL_COL (f, start_x),
&FRAME_CURRENT_GLYPHS (f)->glyphs[y][start_x],
x - start_x, highlight);
XTclear_frame ()
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