Commit c86f91ca authored by Stefan Kangas's avatar Stefan Kangas

Remove final XEmacs compat code from dframe.el

* lisp/dframe.el (top-level): Doc fix.
(dframe-frame-parameter): Redefine as an obsolete function alias for
parent 69db930c
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@
;; * Frame/buffer killing hooks
;; * Mouse-3 position relative menu
;; * Mouse motion, help-echo hacks
;; * Mouse clicking, double clicking, & XEmacs image clicking hack
;; * Mouse clicking & double clicking
;; * Mode line hacking
;; * Utilities for use in a program covering:
;; o keymap massage for some actions
......@@ -56,7 +56,6 @@
;; 1) (require 'dframe)
;; 2) Variable Setup:
;; -frame-parameters -- Frame parameters for Emacs.
;; -frame-plist -- Frame parameters for XEmacs.
;; -- Not on parameter lists: They can optionally include width
;; and height. If width or height is not included, then it will
;; be provided to match the originating frame. In general,
......@@ -112,13 +111,9 @@
;;; Code:
;;; Compatibility functions
(defalias 'dframe-frame-parameter
(if (fboundp 'frame-parameter) 'frame-parameter
(lambda (frame parameter)
"Return FRAME's PARAMETER value."
(cdr (assoc parameter (frame-parameters frame))))))
(define-obsolete-function-alias 'dframe-frame-parameter
'frame-parameter "27.1")
;;; Variables
......@@ -322,8 +317,8 @@ CREATE-HOOK is a hook to run after creating a frame."
(if (frame-live-p (symbol-value frame-var))
(raise-frame (symbol-value frame-var))
(set frame-var
(let* ((mh (dframe-frame-parameter dframe-attached-frame
(let* ((mh (frame-parameter dframe-attached-frame
;; Only add a guessed height if one is not specified
;; in the input parameters.
......@@ -377,8 +372,8 @@ a cons cell indicating a position of the form (LEFT . TOP)."
;; Position dframe.
;; Do no positioning if not on a windowing system,
(unless (or (not window-system) (eq window-system 'pc))
(let* ((pfx (dframe-frame-parameter parent-frame 'left))
(pfy (dframe-frame-parameter parent-frame 'top))
(let* ((pfx (frame-parameter parent-frame 'left))
(pfy (frame-parameter parent-frame 'top))
(pfw (+ (tool-bar-pixel-width parent-frame)
(frame-pixel-width parent-frame)))
(pfh (frame-pixel-height parent-frame))
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