Commit c8dba240 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(construct_menu_click): Undo previous change.

parent b849c413
......@@ -1673,7 +1673,7 @@ x_is_vendor_fkey (sym)
that the glyph at X, Y occupies, if BOUNDS != 0.
If NOCLIP is nonzero, do not force the value into range. */
static void
pixel_to_glyph_coords (f, pix_x, pix_y, x, y, bounds, noclip)
register int pix_x, pix_y;
......@@ -1780,14 +1780,9 @@ construct_menu_click (result, event, f)
? up_modifier
: down_modifier));
int row, column;
pixel_to_glyph_coords (f, event->x, event->y, &column, &row, NULL, 0);
XFASTINT (result->x) = column;
XFASTINT (result->y) = -1;
XSET (result->frame_or_window, Lisp_Frame, f);
XFASTINT (result->x) = event->x;
XSETINT (result->y, -1);
XSET (result->frame_or_window, Lisp_Frame, f);
/* Function to report a mouse movement to the mainstream Emacs code.
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