Commit c8e9dd54 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(info-insert-file-contents-1): Various rewrites.

Compute EXT-LEFT after removing the dot from SUFFIX.
parent 91375f8f
......@@ -142,22 +142,23 @@ the command as standard input. If STRING is nil, no decoding is done.
Because the SUFFIXes are tried in order, the empty string should
be last in the list.")
;; Concatenate SUFFIX onto FILENAME.
;; Concatenate SUFFIX onto FILENAME. SUFFIX should start with a dot.
;; First, on ms-dos, delete some of the extension in FILENAME
;; to make room.
(defun info-insert-file-contents-1 (filename suffix)
(if (not (eq system-type 'ms-dos))
(concat filename suffix)
(let* ((sans-exts (file-name-sans-extension filename))
;; How long is the extension in FILENAME.
(ext-len (- (length filename) (length sans-exts) 1))
;; How many chars of that extension should we keep?
(ext-left (max 0 (- 3 (length suffix)))))
;; How long is the extension in FILENAME (not counting the dot).
(ext-len (max 0 (- (length filename) (length sans-exts) 1)))
;; SUFFIX starts with a dot. If FILENAME already has one,
;; get rid of the one in SUFFIX.
(or (and (zerop ext-len)
(or (and (<= ext-len 0)
(not (eq (aref filename (1- (length filename))) ?.)))
(setq suffix (substring suffix 1)))
;; How many chars of that extension should we keep?
(setq ext-left (min ext-len (max 0 (- 3 (length suffix)))))
;; Get rid of the rest of the extension, and add SUFFIX.
(concat (substring filename 0 (- (length filename)
(- ext-len ext-left)))
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