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CPP = $(CC) -E
MAKE = make # BSD doesn't have it as a default.
#Note: an alternative is CPP = /lib/cpp
all: xmakefile doall
$(MAKE) $(MAKEOVERRIDES) -f xmakefile ${MFLAGS} all
#This is used in making a distribution.
#Do not use it on development directories!
-rm -f paths.h config.h emacs-* temacs xemacs xmakefile core *~ \#* *.o
-rm -f temacs xemacs xmakefile core \#* *.o
xemacs: xmakefile doxemacs
$(MAKE) $(MAKEOVERRIDES) -f xmakefile ${MFLAGS} xemacs
temacs: xmakefile dotemacs
$(MAKE) $(MAKEOVERRIDES) -f xmakefile ${MFLAGS} temacs
# If you have a problem with cc -E here, changing
# the definition of CPP above may fix it.
xmakefile: ymakefile config.h
rm -f xmakefile
cp ymakefile junk.c
$(CPP) junk.c | sed -e 's/^#.*//' -e 's/^[ \f\t][ \f\t]*$$//' -e 's/^ / /' | \
sed -n -e '/^..*$$/p' > xmakefile
rm -f junk.c
tags TAGS:
etags [a-z]*.h [a-z]*.c ../lisp/[a-z]*.el ../lisp/term/[a-z]*.el
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