Commit c925297d authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(rmail-spam-filter): Show a message rather than the raw mbox while prompting.

parent 57a97b44
......@@ -329,13 +329,20 @@ it from rmail file. Called for each new message retrieved by
;; and delete the spam msg if needed:
(let ((rmail-current-message msg) ; FIXME does this do anything?
(action (cdr (assq 'action
(nth num-element rsf-definitions-alist)))))
(nth num-element rsf-definitions-alist))))
(newfile (not (file-exists-p rsf-file))))
;; Check action item in rsf-definitions-alist and do it.
((eq action 'output-and-delete)
;; FIXME the prompt to write a new file leaves the raw
;; Else the prompt to write a new file leaves the raw
;; mbox buffer visible.
(and newfile
(rmail-show-message (rmail-first-unseen-message) 1))
(rmail-output rsf-file)
;; Swap back, else rmail-get-new-mail-1 gets confused.
(when newfile
;; Don't delete if automatic deletion after output is on.
(or rmail-delete-after-output (rmail-delete-message)))
((eq action 'delete-spam)
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