Commit c92bae9a authored by Tom Tromey's avatar Tom Tromey

change org to use derived-mode-p

* lisp/org/org-list.el (org-list-insert-radio-list): Use
* lisp/org/org-table.el (orgtbl-setup, orgtbl-toggle-comment): Use
parent d056b1fa
......@@ -3035,7 +3035,7 @@ Point is left at list end."
(defun org-list-insert-radio-list ()
"Insert a radio list template appropriate for this major mode."
(let* ((e (assq major-mode org-list-radio-list-templates))
(let* ((e (cl-assoc-if #'derived-mode-p org-list-radio-list-templates))
(txt (nth 1 e))
name pos)
(unless e (error "No radio list setup defined for %s" major-mode))
......@@ -4269,7 +4269,7 @@ to execute outside of tables."
("Radio tables"
["Insert table template" orgtbl-insert-radio-table
(assq major-mode orgtbl-radio-table-templates)]
(cl-assoc-if #'derived-mode-p orgtbl-radio-table-templates)]
["Comment/uncomment table" orgtbl-toggle-comment t])
["Set Column Formula" org-table-eval-formula :active (org-at-table-p) :keys "C-c ="]
......@@ -4549,7 +4549,7 @@ First element has index 0, or I0 if given."
(defun orgtbl-insert-radio-table ()
"Insert a radio table template appropriate for this major mode."
(let* ((e (assq major-mode orgtbl-radio-table-templates))
(let* ((e (cl-assoc-if #'derived-mode-p orgtbl-radio-table-templates))
(txt (nth 1 e))
name pos)
(unless e (user-error "No radio table setup defined for %s" major-mode))
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