Commit c93b886f authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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Fix Follow mode's calculation of window ends.

* lisp/follow.el (follow-calc-win-end): Rewrite to handle partial
screen lines correctly.
(follow-avoid-tail-recenter): Minor cleanup.

Fixes: debbugs:8390
parent 13c379ee
2012-04-29 Chong Yidong <>
* follow.el (follow-calc-win-end): Rewrite to handle partial
screen lines correctly (Bug#8390).
(follow-avoid-tail-recenter): Minor cleanup.
2012-04-28 Stefan Monnier <>
Avoid the obsolete `assoc' package.
......@@ -24,8 +24,6 @@
;;; Commentary:
;;{{{ Documentation
;; `Follow mode' is a minor mode for Emacs and XEmacs that
;; combines windows into one tall virtual window.
......@@ -220,11 +218,9 @@
;; non-selected window unaligned. It will, however, pop right back
;; when it is selected.)
;;; Code:
;;{{{ Preliminaries
;; Preliminaries
;; Make the compiler shut up!
;; There are two strategies:
......@@ -266,8 +262,7 @@
(put 'frame-first-window 'byte-compile 'nil))))))
;;{{{ Variables
;;; Variables
(defgroup follow nil
"Synchronize windows showing the same buffer."
......@@ -286,7 +281,7 @@
:group 'follow)
(make-obsolete-variable 'follow-mode-off-hook 'follow-mode-hook "22.2")
;;{{{ Keymap/Menu
;;; Keymap/Menu
;; Define keys for the follow-mode minor mode map and replace some
;; functions in the global map. All `follow' mode special functions
......@@ -373,8 +368,6 @@ After that, changing the prefix key requires manipulating keymaps."
["Follow mode" follow-mode :style toggle :selected follow-mode]))
(defcustom follow-mode-line-text " Follow"
"Text shown in the mode line when Follow mode is active.
Defaults to \" Follow\". Examples of other values
......@@ -448,8 +441,7 @@ Used by `follow-window-size-change'.")
(defvar follow-windows-start-end-cache nil
"Cache used by `follow-window-start-end'.")
;;{{{ Debug messages
;;; Debug messages
;; This inline function must be as small as possible!
;; Maybe we should define a macro that expands to nil if
......@@ -460,15 +452,12 @@ Used by `follow-window-size-change'.")
(if (and (boundp 'follow-debug) follow-debug)
(apply 'message args)))
;;{{{ Cache
;;; Cache
(dolist (cmd follow-cache-command-list)
(put cmd 'follow-mode-use-cache t))
;;{{{ The mode
;;; The mode
(defun turn-on-follow-mode ()
......@@ -536,8 +525,7 @@ Keys specific to Follow mode:
((not follow-mode) ; Off
;;{{{ Find file hook
;;; Find file hook
;; This will start follow-mode whenever a new file is loaded, if
;; the variable `follow-auto' is non-nil.
......@@ -548,15 +536,9 @@ Keys specific to Follow mode:
"Find-file hook for Follow mode. See the variable `follow-auto'."
(if follow-auto (follow-mode t)))
;;{{{ User functions
;;; User functions usable when in Follow mode.
;;; User functions
;;{{{ Scroll
;;; Scroll
;; `scroll-up' and `-down', but for windows in Follow mode.
......@@ -633,8 +615,7 @@ Works like `scroll-up' when not in Follow mode."
(vertical-motion (- next-screen-context-lines 1))
(setq follow-internal-force-redisplay t))))))
;;{{{ Buffer
;;; Buffer
(defun follow-delete-other-windows-and-split (&optional arg)
......@@ -709,8 +690,7 @@ in your `~/.emacs' file:
(follow-mode 1))
;;{{{ Movement
;;; Movement
;; Note, these functions are not very useful, at least not unless you
;; rebind the rather cumbersome key sequence `C-c . p'.
......@@ -744,8 +724,7 @@ in your `~/.emacs' file:
(select-window (car (reverse (follow-all-followers)))))
;;{{{ Redraw
;;; Redraw
(defun follow-recenter (&optional arg)
"Recenter the middle window around point.
......@@ -792,8 +771,7 @@ Follow mode since the windows should always be aligned."
(sit-for 0)
;;{{{ End of buffer
;;; End of buffer
(defun follow-end-of-buffer (&optional arg)
"Move point to the end of the buffer, Follow mode style.
......@@ -816,15 +794,7 @@ of the way from the true end."
(end-of-buffer arg))))
;;{{{ Display
;;;; The display routines
;;{{{ Information gathering functions
;;; Display
(defun follow-all-followers (&optional testwin)
"Return all windows displaying the same buffer as the TESTWIN.
......@@ -859,46 +829,21 @@ from the selected window."
(cons pred (cdr windows))))
;; This function is optimized function for speed!
(defun follow-calc-win-end (&optional win)
"Calculate the presumed window end for WIN.
Actually, the position returned is the start of the next
window, normally is the end plus one.
If WIN is nil, the selected window is used.
Returns (end-pos end-of-buffer-p)"
(if (featurep 'xemacs)
;; XEmacs can calculate the end of the window by using
;; the 'guarantee options. GOOD!
(let ((end (window-end win t)))
(if (= end (point-max (window-buffer win)))
(list end t)
(list (+ end 1) nil)))
;; Emacs: We have to calculate the end by ourselves.
;; This code works on both XEmacs and Emacs, but now
;; that XEmacs has got custom-written code, this could
;; be optimized for Emacs.
(let (height buffer-end-p)
(with-selected-window (or win (selected-window))
(goto-char (window-start))
(setq height
(- (window-height)
(if header-line-format 2 1)))
(setq buffer-end-p
(if (bolp)
(not (= height (vertical-motion height)))
;; Fix a mis-feature in `vertical-motion':
;; The start of the window is assumed to
;; coincide with the start of a line.
(narrow-to-region (point) (point-max))
(not (= height (vertical-motion height))))))
(list (point) buffer-end-p))))))
"Calculate the end position for window WIN.
Actually, the position returned is the start of the line after
the last fully-visible line in WIN. If WIN is nil, the selected
window is used."
(let* ((win (or win (selected-window)))
(edges (window-inside-pixel-edges win))
(ht (- (nth 3 edges) (nth 1 edges)))
(last-line-pos (posn-point (posn-at-x-y 0 (1- ht) win))))
(if (pos-visible-in-window-p last-line-pos win)
(let ((end (window-end win t)))
(list end (= end (point-max))))
(list last-line-pos nil))))
;; Can't use `save-window-excursion' since it triggers a redraw.
(defun follow-calc-win-start (windows pos win)
......@@ -1023,8 +968,7 @@ Note that this handles the case when the cache has been set to nil."
(vertical-motion 1 win)
(set-window-start win (point) 'noforce)))))
;;{{{ Selection functions
;;; Selection functions
;; Make a window in WINDOWS selected if it currently
;; is displaying the position DEST.
......@@ -1112,8 +1056,8 @@ Otherwise, return nil."
(set-window-start (car windows) (point) 'noforce)
(setq end-pos-end-p (follow-calc-win-end (car windows)))
(goto-char (car end-pos-end-p))
;; Visible, if dest above end, or if eob is visible inside
;; the window.
;; Visible, if dest above end, or if eob is visible
;; inside the window.
(if (or (car (cdr end-pos-end-p))
(< dest (point)))
(setq win (car windows))
......@@ -1124,9 +1068,7 @@ Otherwise, return nil."
(goto-char dest))
;;{{{ Redisplay
;;; Redisplay
;; Redraw all the windows on the screen, starting with the top window.
;; The window used as as marker is WIN, or the selected window if WIN
......@@ -1240,8 +1182,7 @@ should be a member of WINDOWS, starts at position START."
(setq res (point))))))
;;{{{ Avoid tail recenter
;;; Avoid tail recenter
;; This sets the window internal flag `force_start'. The effect is that
;; windows only displaying the tail aren't recentered.
......@@ -1253,12 +1194,6 @@ should be a member of WINDOWS, starts at position START."
;; window-start position is equal to (point-max) of the buffer it
;; displays.
;; This function is also added to `post-command-idle-hook', introduced
;; in Emacs 19.30. This is needed since the vaccine injected by the
;; call from `post-command-hook' only works until the next redisplay.
;; It is possible that the functions in the `post-command-idle-hook'
;; can cause a redisplay, and hence a new vaccine is needed.
;; Sometimes, calling this function could actually cause a redisplay,
;; especially if it is placed in the debug filter section. I must
;; investigate this further...
......@@ -1270,35 +1205,27 @@ This is done by reading and rewriting the start position of
non-first windows in Follow mode."
(if follow-avoid-tail-recenter-p
(let* ((orig-buffer (current-buffer))
(top (frame-first-window (selected-frame)))
(win top)
(who '()) ; list of (buffer . frame)
pair) ; (buffer . frame)
(top (frame-first-window (selected-frame)))
(win top)
who) ; list of (buffer . frame)
;; If the only window in the frame is a minibuffer
;; window, `next-window' will never find it again...
(if (window-minibuffer-p top)
(unless (window-minibuffer-p top)
(while ;; look, no body!
(setq start (window-start win))
(let ((start (window-start win))
(pair (cons (window-buffer win) (window-frame win))))
(set-buffer (window-buffer win))
(setq pair (cons (window-buffer win) (window-frame win)))
(if (member pair who)
(if (and (boundp 'follow-mode) follow-mode
(eq (point-max) start))
;; Write the same window start back, but don't
;; set the NOFORCE flag.
(set-window-start win start))
(setq who (cons pair who)))
(cond ((null (member pair who))
(setq who (cons pair who)))
((and follow-mode (eq (point-max) start))
;; Write the same window start back, but don't
;; set the NOFORCE flag.
(set-window-start win start)))
(setq win (next-window win 'not t))
(not (eq win top)))) ;; Loop while this is true.
(set-buffer orig-buffer)))))
;;{{{ Post Command Hook
;;; Post Command Hook
;; The magic little box. This function is called after every command.
......@@ -1460,8 +1387,7 @@ non-first windows in Follow mode."
;; recenter them.
;;{{{ The region
;;; The region
;; Tries to make the highlighted area representing the region look
;; good when spanning several windows.
......@@ -1484,8 +1410,7 @@ non-first windows in Follow mode."
(set-window-point (car succ) (nth 1 (assq (car succ) win-start-end)))
(setq succ (cdr succ)))))
;;{{{ Scroll bar
;;; Scroll bar
;;;; Scroll-bar support code.
......@@ -1602,8 +1527,7 @@ WINDOW can be an object or a window."
(select-window orig-win)))))
(error nil)))))
;;{{{ Process output
;;; Process output
;; The following sections installs a spy that listens to process
;; output and tries to reposition the windows whose buffers are in
......@@ -1629,7 +1553,7 @@ WINDOW can be an object or a window."
;; Discussion: Should we also advice `process-filter' to make our
;; filter invisible to others?
;;{{{ Advice for `set-process-filter'
;;; Advice for `set-process-filter'
;; Do not call this with 'follow-generic-filter as the name of the
;; filter...
......@@ -1700,8 +1624,7 @@ magic stuff before the real process filter is called."
(setq alist (cdr alist)))
(setq follow-process-filter-alist new)))
;;{{{ Start/stop interception of processes.
;;; Start/stop interception of processes.
;; Normally, all new processes are intercepted by our `set-process-filter'.
;; This is needed to intercept old processes that were started before we were
......@@ -1747,8 +1670,7 @@ report this using the `report-emacs-bug' function."
(setq follow-intercept-processes nil))
;;{{{ The filter
;;; The filter
;; The following section is a naive method to make buffers with
;; process output to work with Follow mode. Whenever the start of the
......@@ -1889,10 +1811,7 @@ report this using the `report-emacs-bug' function."
(not (input-pending-p)))
(sit-for 0)))
;;{{{ Window size change
;;; Window size change
;; In Emacs 19.29, the functions in `window-size-change-functions' are
;; called every time a window in a frame changes size. Most notably, it
......@@ -1954,9 +1873,7 @@ report this using the `report-emacs-bug' function."
(set-buffer orig-buffer)
(select-window orig-window)))))
;;{{{ XEmacs isearch
;;; XEmacs isearch
;; In XEmacs, isearch often finds matches in other windows than the
;; currently selected. However, when exiting the old window
......@@ -1981,8 +1898,7 @@ report this using the `report-emacs-bug' function."
(set-buffer buf)))))
;;{{{ Tail window handling
;;; Tail window handling
;; In Emacs (not XEmacs) windows showing nothing are sometimes
;; recentered. When in Follow mode, this is not desirable for
......@@ -2002,10 +1918,6 @@ report this using the `report-emacs-bug' function."
;; By patching `sit-for' we can make sure that to catch all explicit
;; updates initiated by lisp programs. Internal calls, on the other
;; hand, are not handled.
;; Please note that the function `follow-avoid-tail-recenter' is also
;; called from other places, e.g. `post-command-hook' and
;; `post-command-idle-hook'.
;; If this function is called it is too late for this window, but
;; we might save other windows from being recentered.
......@@ -2037,8 +1949,7 @@ Don't recenter windows showing only the end of a buffer.
This prevents `mouse-drag-region' from messing things up."
;;{{{ profile support
;;; Profile support
;; The following (non-evaluated) section can be used to
;; profile this package using `elp'.
......@@ -2071,9 +1982,7 @@ This prevents `mouse-drag-region' from messing things up."
;;{{{ The end
;;; The end
(defun follow-unload-function ()
"Unload Follow mode library."
......@@ -2106,14 +2015,8 @@ This prevents `mouse-drag-region' from messing things up."
;; continue standard processing
;; We're done!
(provide 'follow)
;; /------------------------------------------------------------------------\
;; | "I [..] am rarely happier then when spending an entire day programming |
;; | my computer to perform automatically a task that it would otherwise |
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