Commit c9447ae1 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Add mouse-1 in mode-line for minor modes.

parent fe1afc9b
2007-10-18 Glenn Morris <>
* frames.texi (Mode Line Mouse): Mention minor mode names.
2007-10-17 Juri Linkov <>
* text.texi (Fill Commands): Undocument fill-paragraph-or-region.
......@@ -83,6 +83,9 @@ recenter the visited source file. Its value can be a number (for example,
** The mode-line displays a `@' if the default-directory for the current buffer
is on a remote machine, or a hyphen otherwise.
** The mode-line displays a mode menu when mouse-1 is clicked on a minor mode,
in the same way as it already did for major modes.
** The new command balance-windows-area balances windows both vertically
and horizontally.
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