Commit c9586d40 authored by Thien-Thi Nguyen's avatar Thien-Thi Nguyen
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Mark done all ttn-associated dirs in "copyright years" item.

parent aaef169d
......@@ -66,35 +66,35 @@ DIRECTORY STATUS IN CHARGE
--------- ------ ---------
etc (and subdirs) done Thien-Thi Nguyen (ttn(
leim working Kenichi Handa
lib-src working ttn
lisp working ttn
lib-src done ttn
lisp done ttn
lisp/calc done Jay Belanger
lisp/calendar working Glenn Morris
lisp/emacs-lisp working ttn
lisp/emulation working ttn
lisp/eshell working ttn
lisp/emacs-lisp done ttn
lisp/emulation done ttn
lisp/eshell done ttn
lisp/gnus done Romain Francoise
lisp/international working Kenichi Handa
lisp/language working Kenichi Handa
lisp/mail working ttn
lisp/mail done ttn
lisp/mh-e done Bill Wohler
lisp/net working ttn
lisp/net done ttn
lisp/obsolete done ttn
lisp/play done Romain Francoise
lisp/progmodes working Nick Roberts
lisp/term working ttn
lisp/textmodes working ttn
lisp/term done ttn
lisp/textmodes done ttn
lisp/url done ttn
lispintro done ttn
lispref working ttn
lispref done ttn
lwlib done ttn
m4 done ttn
mac (and subdirs) working ttn
mac (and subdirs) done ttn
man done ttn
msdos working ttn
nt (and subdirs) working ttn
msdos done ttn
nt (and subdirs) done ttn
oldXMenu done ttn
src (and subdirs) working ttn
src (and subdirs) done ttn
vms done ttn
** Check the Emacs manual.
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