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Update the Hexl node.

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......@@ -1692,6 +1692,7 @@ the one not current when you type @kbd{@key{F2} d}, is empty,
@cindex Hexl mode
@cindex mode, Hexl
@cindex editing binary files
@cindex hex editing
There is a special major mode for editing binary files: Hexl mode. To
use it, use @kbd{M-x hexl-find-file} instead of @kbd{C-x C-f} to visit
the file. This command converts the file's contents to hexadecimal and
......@@ -1735,6 +1736,11 @@ Leave Hexl mode, going back to the major mode this buffer had before you
invoked @code{hexl-mode}.
@end table
Other Hexl commands let you insert strings (sequences) of binary bytes,
move by short's or int's, etc.; type @kbd{C-h a hexl- RET} for details.
@node Saving Emacs Sessions, Recursive Edit, Editing Binary Files, Top
@section Saving Emacs Sessions
@cindex saving sessions
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