Commit c98adc1b authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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Use large constants for Lisp_Misc_Type.

Add some function declarations.
parent 691c4285
......@@ -64,10 +64,13 @@ enum Lisp_Type
/* This is the set of datatypes that share a common structure.
The first member of the structure is a type code from this set. */
The first member of the structure is a type code from this set.
The enum values are arbitrary, but we'll use large numbers to make it
more likely that we'll spot the error if a random word in memory is
mistakenly interpreted as a Lisp_Misc. */
enum Lisp_Misc_Type
Lisp_Misc_Free = 0x5eab,
......@@ -1324,6 +1327,33 @@ extern Lisp_Object concat2 (), nconc2 ();
extern Lisp_Object assq_no_quit ();
extern Lisp_Object Fcopy_alist ();
/* Defined in insdel.c */
extern void move_gap ();
extern void make_gap ();
extern void insert ();
extern void insert_and_inherit ();
extern void insert_1 ();
extern void insert_from_string ();
extern void insert_from_buffer ();
extern void insert_char ();
extern void insert_string ();
extern void insert_before_markers ();
extern void insert_before_markers_and_inherit ();
extern void insert_from_string_before_markers ();
extern void del_range ();
extern void del_range_1 ();
extern void modify_region ();
extern void prepare_to_modify_buffer ();
extern void signal_before_change ();
extern void signal_after_change ();
/* Defined in xdisp.c */
extern void message ();
extern void message1 ();
extern void message1_nolog ();
extern void message2 ();
extern void message2_nolog ();
/* Defined in alloc.c */
extern Lisp_Object Vpurify_flag;
extern Lisp_Object Fcons (), Flist(), Fmake_list (), allocate_misc ();
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