Commit c98fcf4b authored by Paul Reilly's avatar Paul Reilly
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(popup_get_selection): Remove BLOCK_INPUT, UNBLOCK_INPUT since the

calls to popup_get_selection() provide the protection.
parent 3f9e315a
......@@ -1001,7 +1001,10 @@ on the left of the dialog box and all following items on the right.\n\
/* Loop in Xt until the menu pulldown or dialog popup has been
popped down (deactivated). */
popped down (deactivated).
NOTE: All calls to popup_get_selection() should be protected
with BLOCK_INPUT, UNBLOCK_INPUT wrappers. */
popup_get_selection (initial_event)
XEvent *initial_event;
......@@ -1015,9 +1018,7 @@ popup_get_selection (initial_event)
while (1)
XtDispatchEvent (&event);
if (!popup_activated())
XtAppNextEvent (Xt_app_con, &event);
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