Commit c99240cc authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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* info-look.el: Update lookup regexp for maxima modes.

parent 14cb531f
......@@ -843,12 +843,13 @@ Return nil if there is nothing appropriate in the buffer near point."
:mode 'maxima-mode
:ignore-case t
:regexp "[a-zA-Z_%]+"
:regexp "[a-zA-Z0-9_%]+"
:doc-spec '( ("(maxima)Function and Variable Index" nil
"^ -+ [^:]+:[ ]+\\(\\[[^=]*=[ ]+\\)?" nil)))
:mode 'inferior-maxima-mode
:regexp "[a-zA-Z0-9_%]+"
:other-modes '(maxima-mode))
;; coreutils and bash builtins overlap in places, eg. printf, so there's a
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