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2001-10-22 Miles Bader <>
* help-funs.el (help-manyarg-func-alist): Variable removed.
2001-10-21 Miles Bader <>
* help-funs.el (help-manyarg-func-alist): Remove entries for
2001-10-22 Miles Bader <>
* doc.c (Vhelp_manyarg_func_alist): Variable removed.
(Fdocumentation): Don't use it.
(syms_of_doc): Don't initialize it.
* keyboard.c (Ftrack_mouse): Add usage: string to doc string.
* print.c (Fwith_output_to_temp_buffer): Likewise.
* window.c (Fsave_window_excursion): Likewise.
* editfns.c (Fsave_excursion, Fsave_current_buffer)
(Fsave_restriction): Likewise.
* eval.c (Frun_hooks, Frun_hook_with_args)
(Frun_hook_with_args_until_success, Ffuncall, For, Fand, Fif)
(Fcond, Fprogn, Fprog1, Fprog2, Fsetq, Fquote, Ffunction, Fdefun)
(Fdefmacro, Fdefvar, Fdefconst, FletX, Flet, Fwhile, Fcatch)
(Funwind_protect, Fcondition_case): Likewise.
* coding.c (Ffind_operation_coding_system): Likewise.
* keyboard.c (Ftrack_mouse): Likewise.
2001-10-21 Miles Bader <>
* fns.c (Fappend, Fconcat, Fvconcat, Fnconc, Fwidget_apply)
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