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Small updates for admin/notes/.

* admin/notes/changelogs: Copy some info here from copyright.
* admin/notes/copyright: Tiny update.
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If installing changes written by someone else, make the ChangeLog
entry in their name, not yours.
There is no need to make change log entries for files such as NEWS,
......@@ -24,9 +24,8 @@ the file.
2. When installing code written by someone else, the ChangeLog entry
should be in the name of the author of the code, not the person who
installs it. I think it is helpful to put the author (if not yourself)
in the commit log as well (you can also use bzr commit's "--author"
option); and to not install any of your own changes in the same commit.
installs it. Also use bzr commit's "--author" option.
Do not install any of your own changes in the same commit.
3. With images, add the legal info to a README file in the directory
containing the image.
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