Commit c9fdd1b4 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert

Improve accept-process-process doc

* doc/lispref/processes.texi (Accepting Output):
* src/process.c (Faccept_process_output):
Document that (accept-process-output P) can return non-nil
even after P has exited, and that it can return nil even if P
is still running (Bug#33839).
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......@@ -1795,7 +1795,8 @@ until output arrives from a process.
This function allows Emacs to read pending output from processes. The
output is given to their filter functions. If @var{process} is
non-@code{nil} then this function does not return until some output
has been received from @var{process}.
has been received from @var{process} or @var{process} has closed the
The arguments @var{seconds} and @var{millisec} let you specify timeout
periods. The former specifies a period measured in seconds and the
......@@ -1820,7 +1821,9 @@ speech synthesis.
The function @code{accept-process-output} returns non-@code{nil} if it
got output from @var{process}, or from any process if @var{process} is
@code{nil}. It returns @code{nil} if the timeout expired before output
@code{nil}; this can occur even after a process has exited if the
corresponding connection contains buffered data. The function returns
@code{nil} if the timeout expired or the connection was closed before output
@end defun
......@@ -4581,8 +4581,8 @@ DEFUN ("accept-process-output", Faccept_process_output, Saccept_process_output,
0, 4, 0,
doc: /* Allow any pending output from subprocesses to be read by Emacs.
It is given to their filter functions.
Optional argument PROCESS means do not return until output has been
received from PROCESS.
Optional argument PROCESS means to return only after output is
received from PROCESS or PROCESS closes the connection.
Optional second argument SECONDS and third argument MILLISEC
specify a timeout; return after that much time even if there is
......@@ -4594,7 +4594,8 @@ If optional fourth argument JUST-THIS-ONE is non-nil, accept output
from PROCESS only, suspending reading output from other processes.
If JUST-THIS-ONE is an integer, don't run any timers either.
Return non-nil if we received any output from PROCESS (or, if PROCESS
is nil, from any process) before the timeout expired. */)
is nil, from any process) before the timeout expired or the
corresponding connection was closed. */)
(Lisp_Object process, Lisp_Object seconds, Lisp_Object millisec,
Lisp_Object just_this_one)
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