Commit ca0b4edf authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Update hash value in pdumper.c

* src/pdumper.c (dump_fwd_buffer_obj) [CHECK_STRUCTS]: Update
the hash in HASH_Lisp_Buffer_Objfwd.  (Bug#36225)
parent 34f01bf8
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in 90 minutes and 3 seconds
......@@ -2305,7 +2305,7 @@ static dump_off
dump_fwd_buffer_obj (struct dump_context *ctx,
const struct Lisp_Buffer_Objfwd *buffer_objfwd)
#if CHECK_STRUCTS && !defined (HASH_Lisp_Buffer_Objfwd_13CA6B04FC)
#if CHECK_STRUCTS && !defined (HASH_Lisp_Buffer_Objfwd_611EBD13FF)
# error "Lisp_Buffer_Objfwd changed. See CHECK_STRUCTS comment in config.h."
struct Lisp_Buffer_Objfwd out;
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