Commit ca347e3d authored by Ikumi Keita's avatar Ikumi Keita Committed by Glenn Morris
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* src/minibuf.c (Fcompleting_read): Doc fix (tiny change)

Fixes: debbugs:12555
parent 26026637
2012-10-04 Ikumi Keita <> (tiny change)
* minibuf.c (Fcompleting_read): Doc fix. (Bug#12555)
2012-09-24 Glenn Morris <>
* eval.c (Frun_hook_with_args, Frun_hook_with_args_until_success)
......@@ -1687,7 +1687,7 @@ If INITIAL-INPUT is non-nil, insert it in the minibuffer initially,
functions, which use one-indexing for POSITION.) This feature is
deprecated--it is best to pass nil for INITIAL-INPUT and supply the
default value DEF instead. The user can yank the default value into
the minibuffer easily using \\[next-history-element].
the minibuffer easily using \\<minibuffer-local-map>\\[next-history-element].
HIST, if non-nil, specifies a history list and optionally the initial
position in the list. It can be a symbol, which is the history list
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