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......@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ bind C-w to `isearch-yank-word' in `isearch-mode-map'.
** In GUD mode when talking to GDB, C-x C-a C-j "jumps" the program
counter to the specified source line (the one where point is).
** GUD mode improvements fo jdb:
** GUD mode improvements for jdb:
*** Search for source files using jdb classpath and class
information. Fast startup since there is no need to scan all
2002-01-20 Thomas Dorner <>
* ange-ftp.el: Added support for BS2000, and for raw ftp
login commands (needed in some circumstances).
(ange-ftp-raw-login): New custom var.
(ange-ftp-normal-login): Perform login with raw ftp commands, if
ange-ftp-raw-login is set and account password is needed.
(ange-ftp-host-type, ange-ftp-guess-host-type): Handle BS2000 hosts.
(ange-ftp-bs2000-name-template): New consts.
(ange-ftp-bs2000-fix-name-regexp): New consts.
(ange-ftp-bs2000-special-prefix): New custom var.
(ange-ftp-fix-dir-name-for-bs2000): New funs.
(ange-ftp-bs2000-host-regexp, ange-ftp-bs2000-posix-host-regexp)
(ange-ftp-bs2000-posix-hook-installed): New vars.
(ange-ftp-parse-bs2000-filename, ange-ftp-parse-bs2000-listing)
(ange-ftp-bs2000-host, ange-ftp-bs2000-posix-host)
(ange-ftp-add-bs2000-host, ange-ftp-add-bs2000-posix-host): New funs.
(ange-ftp-bs2000-filename-regexp): New const.
(ange-ftp-bs2000-additional-pubsets): New custom var.
(ange-ftp-bs2000-cd-to-posix): New fun.
2002-01-20 Colin Walters <>
* ibuffer.el: (toplevel) Require `ibuf-ext', which is now compiled
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