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Sync with upstream verilog-mode revision 6232468

* lisp/progmodes/verilog-mode.el (verilog-font-lock-grouping-keywords-face)
(verilog-highlight-grouping-keywords): Fix use of face when
`verilog-highlight-grouping-keywords' set.  Reported by Jeff
(verilog-auto-reset): Fix AUTORESET to ignore member resets if
parent is reset, bug906. Reported by Ken Schmidt.
(verilog-auto-inout-module): Add fourth regexp argument to
AUTOINOUTMODULE and AUTOINOUTCOMP for signals to not match,
bug856. Reported by John Tillema.
(verilog-auto-inst-port): Fix AUTOINST interfaces to not show
modport if signal attachment is itself a modport.  Reported by
Matthew Lovell.
(verilog-auto-reset, verilog-auto-sense-sigs): Fix AUTORESET with
always_comb and always_latch, bug844.  Reported by Greg Hilton.
(verilog-at-constraint-p, verilog-beg-of-statement-1): Fix hanging
with many curly-bracket pairs, bug663.
(verilog-set-auto-endcomments): Fix end comments for functions of
type void, etc.  Reported by Alex Reed.
(verilog-do-indent): Fix electric tab deleting form-feeds.  Note
caused by indent-line-to deleting tabls pre 24.5.
(verilog-nameable-item-re): Fix nameable items that can have an
end-identifier to include endchecker, endgroup, endprogram,
endproperty, and endsequence.  Reported by Alex Reed.
(verilog-label-be): When auto-commenting a buffer, consider
auto-comments on all known keywords (not just a subset thereof).
Reported by Alex Reed.
(verilog-end-block-ordered-re, verilog-set-auto-endcomments):
Automatically comment property/endproperty blocks to match other
similar blocks like sequence/endsequence, function/endfunction,
etc. Reported by Alex Reed.
(verilog-set-auto-endcomments): Detect the function- or task-name
when auto-commenting blocks that lack an explicit
portlist. Reported by Alex Reed.
(verilog-auto, verilog-auto-insert-last): Add AUTOINSERTLAST to
allow post-AUTO user fixups, bug826. Reported by Dennis
(verilog-no-indent-begin-re): When `verilog-indent-begin-after-if'
is nil, fix indenting initial/final to match always statements,
bug825. Reported by Tim Clapp.
(verilog-extended-complete-re): Fix indentation of DPI-C imports
with c_identifiers, and DPI-C imports, bug557. Reported by ZeDong
Mao and Jason Forkey.
(verilog-read-decls): Fix parsing typed interfaces.  Fix
AUTOINOUTMODPORT missing types.  Reported by Stephan Bourduas.
Fix localparam not being ignored in AUTOINSTPARAM,
bug889. Reported by Shannon Hill.
(verilog-auto-output-every): Add regexp to AUTOOUTPUTEVERY,
bug793.  Reported by Pierre-David Pfister.
(verilog-auto-arg-format, verilog-auto-arg-ports): Add
verilog-auto-arg-format to support newlines in AUTOARG. Reported
by Jie Xiao.
(verilog-batch-execute-func): Do not batch re-auto files loaded by
Local Variables. Fix printing "no changes to be saved" with
verilog-batch. Reported by Dan Dever.
(verilog-auto-inout-module): Fix AUTOINOUTMODULE not inserting
interface-only modules, bug721.  Reported by Dean Hoyt.

Author: Alex Reed <>
* lisp/progmodes/verilog-mode.el (verilog-beg-of-statement): Don't
treat '<keyword>:<identifier>' as the start of a labeled
statement, bug905.  Reported by Enzo Chi.
(verilog-directive-re, verilog-compiler-directives)
(verilog-keywords): Match full set of IEEE 2012-1800 compiler
directives (plus some extras) when determining indentation, bug
901.  Reported by Bernd Beuster.
(verilog-at-constraint-p): Fix indentation of coverpoint bins if
iff expression doesn't start with word-character, bug900.
(verilog-optional-signed-range-re, verilog-optional-signed-re):
Fix incorrect indentation/alignment of unsigned declarations,
(verilog-looking-back, verilog-in-attribute-p): Fix labling of
always constructs, bug895.
(verilog-calc-1): Fix verilog-mode constraint indentation,
bug324. Reported by Eric Mastromarchi.
(verilog-beg-of-statement): Fix indenting for some forms of
constraintsm bug433.  Reported by Brad Parker.  Fix indentation of
continued assignment incorrect if first line ends with ']',
bug437. Reported by Dan Dever.  Fix indention of cover inside an
ifdef, bug 862. Reported by Bernd Beuster Fix labeling do-while
blocks, bug842.
(verilog-preprocessor-re): Fix fork/end UNMATCHED warning,
bug859. Reported by Kaushal Modi.
(verilog-set-auto-endcomments): Fix endlabel end comments, bug888.
(verilog-backward-token): Fix indenting sensitivity lists with
named events, bug840.  Reed.
(verilog-no-indent-begin-re): Fix `verilog-indent-begin-after-if'
nil not honoring 'forever', 'foreach', and 'do' keywords.
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