Commit ca986694 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(install_ctrl_break_check): Doc fix.

(do_visible_bell): Clean-up using Gnu assembly extension.
parent 0e326373
......@@ -779,52 +779,38 @@ init_environment (argc, argv, skip_args)
/* Flash the screen as a substitute for BEEPs. */
static unsigned char _xorattr;
static void
do_visible_bell (xorattr)
unsigned char xorattr;
_xorattr = xorattr;
asm volatile
(" pushl %eax
pushl %ebx
pushl %ecx
pushl %edx
movl $1,%edx
(" movb $1,%%dl
call _ScreenRows
pushl %eax
call _ScreenCols
pushl %eax
movl _ScreenPrimary,%eax
movl _ScreenPrimary,%%eax
call dosmemsetup
movl %eax,%ebx
popl %ecx
popl %eax
imull %eax,%ecx
movb (__xorattr),%al
incl %ebx
movl %%eax,%%ebx
movl %1,%%ecx
movb %0,%%al
incl %%ebx
xorb %al,%gs:(%ebx)
addl $2,%ebx
decl %ecx
xorb %%al,%%gs:(%%ebx)
addl $2,%%ebx
decl %%ecx
jne visible_bell_1
decl %edx
decb %%dl
jne visible_bell_3
movzwl %ax,%eax
movzwl %ax,%eax
movzwl %ax,%eax
movzwl %ax,%eax
decw %cx
movzwl %%ax,%%eax
movzwl %%ax,%%eax
movzwl %%ax,%%eax
movzwl %%ax,%%eax
decw %%cx
jne visible_bell_2
jmp visible_bell_0
popl %edx
popl %ecx
popl %ebx
popl %eax");
: /* no output */
: "m" (xorattr), "g" (ScreenCols () * ScreenRows ())
: "%eax", "%ebx", /* "%gs",*/ "%ecx", "%edx");
/* At screen position (X,Y), output C characters from string S with
......@@ -1044,7 +1030,7 @@ install_ctrl_break_check ()
if (!ctrlbreakinstalled)
/* Don't press Ctrl-Break if you don't have either DPMI or Emacs
was compiler with Djgpp 1.11 maintenance level 2 or later! */
was compiler with Djgpp 1.11 maintenance level 5 or later! */
ctrlbreakinstalled = 1;
ctrl_break_vector.pm_offset = (int) ctrl_break_func;
_go32_dpmi_allocate_real_mode_callback_iret (&ctrl_break_vector,
......@@ -1122,7 +1108,7 @@ mouse_pressed (b, xp, yp)
regs.x.bx = mouse_button_translate[b];
int86 (0x33, &regs, &regs);
if (regs.x.bx)
*xp = / 8, *yp = regs.x.dx /8;
*xp = / 8, *yp = regs.x.dx / 8;
return (regs.x.bx != 0);
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