Commit caa39f49 authored by Katsumi Yamaoka's avatar Katsumi Yamaoka
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Fix cookie handling (bug#29282)

* lisp/url/url-cookie.el (url-cookie-handle-set-cookie):
Regard a Set-Cookie header as it contains a single cookie;
prefer Max-Age to Expires and convert it to Expires;
remove support for old time string styles (bug#29282).
parent 93304e31
......@@ -241,7 +241,7 @@ telling Microsoft that."
(defun url-cookie-handle-set-cookie (str)
(setq url-cookies-changed-since-last-save t)
(let* ((args (url-parse-args str t))
(let* ((args (nreverse (url-parse-args str t)))
(case-fold-search t)
(secure (and (assoc-string "secure" args t) t))
(domain (or (cdr-safe (assoc-string "domain" args t))
......@@ -249,44 +249,16 @@ telling Microsoft that."
(current-url (url-view-url t))
(trusted url-cookie-trusted-urls)
(untrusted url-cookie-untrusted-urls)
(expires (cdr-safe (assoc-string "expires" args t)))
(max-age (cdr-safe (assoc-string "max-age" args t)))
(localpart (or (cdr-safe (assoc-string "path" args t))
(url-filename url-current-object))))
(rest nil))
(dolist (this args)
(or (member (downcase (car this)) '("secure" "domain" "expires" "path"))
(setq rest (cons this rest))))
;; Sometimes we get dates that the timezone package cannot handle very
;; gracefully - take care of this here, instead of in url-cookie-expired-p
;; to speed things up.
(and expires
(concat "^[^,]+, +\\(..\\)-\\(...\\)-\\(..\\) +"
"\\(..:..:..\\) +\\[*\\([^]]+\\)\\]*$")
(setq expires (concat (match-string 1 expires) " "
(match-string 2 expires) " "
(match-string 3 expires) " "
(match-string 4 expires) " ["
(match-string 5 expires) "]")))
;; This one is for older Emacs/XEmacs variants that don't
;; understand this format without tenths of a second in it.
;; Wednesday, 30-Dec-2037 16:00:00 GMT
;; - vs -
;; Wednesday, 30-Dec-2037 16:00:00.00 GMT
(and expires
"\\([0-9]+\\)-\\([A-Za-z]+\\)-\\([0-9]+\\)[ \t]+\\([0-9]+:[0-9]+:[0-9]+\\)\\(\\.[0-9]+\\)*[ \t]+\\([-+a-zA-Z0-9]+\\)"
(setq expires (concat (match-string 1 expires) "-" ; day
(match-string 2 expires) "-" ; month
(match-string 3 expires) " " ; year
(match-string 4 expires) ".00 " ; hour:minutes:seconds
(match-string 6 expires)))) ":" ; timezone
(expires nil))
(if (and max-age (string-match "\\`-?[0-9]+\\'" max-age))
(setq expires (format-time-string "%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y GMT"
(time-add nil (read max-age))
(setq expires (cdr-safe (assoc-string "expires" args t))))
(while (consp trusted)
(if (string-match (car trusted) current-url)
(setq trusted (- (match-end 0) (match-beginning 0)))
......@@ -310,8 +282,9 @@ telling Microsoft that."
(not trusted)
(with-output-to-temp-buffer "*Cookie Warning*"
(dolist (x rest)
(princ (format "%s - %s" (car x) (cdr x)))))
(princ (format "%s=\"%s\"\n" (caar args) (cdar args)))
(dolist (x (cdr args))
(princ (format " %s=\"%s\"\n" (car x) (cdr x)))))
(not (funcall url-confirmation-func
(format "Allow %s to set these cookies? "
......@@ -322,8 +295,8 @@ telling Microsoft that."
((url-cookie-host-can-set-p (url-host url-current-object) domain)
;; Cookie is accepted by the user, and passes our security checks.
(dolist (cur rest)
(url-cookie-store (car cur) (cdr cur) expires domain localpart secure)))
(url-cookie-store (caar args) (cdar args)
expires domain localpart secure))
(url-lazy-message "%s tried to set a cookie for domain %s - rejected."
(url-host url-current-object) domain)))))
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