Commit caa93364 authored by Michael Albinus's avatar Michael Albinus

Manual update for Tramp

* doc/misc/tramp.texi (Password handling): Explain, how passwords
are saved permanently.

* etc/NEWS: auth-source Secret Service backend supports :create.
Tramp saves validated passwords.
parent 217202c0
......@@ -1675,6 +1675,13 @@ file name syntax, must be appended to the machine and login items:
machine melancholia#4711 port davs login daniel%BIZARRE password geheim
@end example
@vindex auth-source-save-behavior
If there doesn't exist a proper entry, the password is read
interactively. After successful login (verification of the password),
it is offered to save a corresponding entry for further use by
@code{auth-source} backends which support this. This could be changed
by setting the variable @code{auth-source-save-behavior} to @code{nil}.
@vindex auth-source-debug
Set @code{auth-source-debug} to @code{t} to debug messages.
......@@ -396,17 +396,25 @@ To restore the old behavior, use
Previously eshell/kill would fail if provided a kill signal to send to the
process. It now accepts signals specified either by name or by its number.
** Pcomplete
*** The function 'pcomplete-uniquify-list' has been renamed from
** Auth-source
*** The Secret Service backend supports the :create key now.
** Tramp
*** New connection method "owncloud", which allows to access OwnCloud
or NextCloud hosted files and directories.
*** Validated passwords are saved by auth-source backends which support this.
** The options.el library has been removed.
It was obsolete since Emacs 22.1, replaced by customize.
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