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......@@ -82,6 +82,24 @@ System V rel 4 (-opsystem=usg5-4)
The standard C preprocessor generate xmakefile incorrectly. However,
/lib/cpp will work, so use `make CPP=/lib/cpp'.
Versions 3 and earlier of V.4, on the Intel 386 and 860, had problems
in the X11 libraries. These prevent Emacs from working with X.
You can use Emacs with X provided your copy of X is based on X11
release 4 or newer. Unfortunately, the only way you can tell whether
your X11 library is new enough is to try compiling Emacs to use X.
If xemacs runs, your X11 library is new enough.
In this context, GSV4 and GSV4i are alternate names for X11R4.
OL2.* is X11R3 based. OL3 is in between X11R3 and X11R4, and may or
may not work, depending on who made the Unix system. If the library
libXol is part of the X distribution, then you have X11R3 and Emacs
won't work with X.
Most versions of V.4 support sockets. If `/usr/lib/'
exists, your system supports them. If yours does not, you must add
#undef HAVE_SOCKETS in config.h, aftern the inclusion of s-usg5-4.h.
(Any system that supports Internet should implement sockets.)
Ultrix (-opsystem=bsd4-2)
DEC's Ultrix OS is essentially Berkeley 4.2. It does not correctly
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