Commit cad9d76e authored by Martin Rudalics's avatar Martin Rudalics

Safely run window size change functions

* src/window.c (run_window_size_change_functions): Use
safe_call1 when running a size change function.
(grow_mini_window, shrink_mini_window): Report error when
minibuffer window cannot be resized.
parent 6f3243db
......@@ -3319,7 +3319,7 @@ run_window_size_change_functions (Lisp_Object frame)
while (CONSP (functions))
if (!EQ (XCAR (functions), Qt))
call1 (XCAR (functions), frame);
safe_call1 (XCAR (functions), frame);
functions = XCDR (functions);
......@@ -4619,6 +4619,9 @@ grow_mini_window (struct window *w, int delta, bool pixelwise)
adjust_frame_glyphs (f);
unblock_input ();
error ("Failed to grow minibuffer window");
......@@ -4662,6 +4665,8 @@ shrink_mini_window (struct window *w, bool pixelwise)
one window frame here. The same routine will be needed when
shrinking the frame (and probably when making the initial
*scratch* window). For the moment leave things as they are. */
error ("Failed to shrink minibuffer window");
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