Commit cae09dea authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

(list-holidays): Doc fix.

parent e678b91b
......@@ -119,8 +119,12 @@ This function is suitable for execution in a .emacs file."
(defun list-holidays (y1 y2 &optional l label)
"Display holidays for years Y1 to Y2 (inclusive).
The optional list of holidays L defaults to `calendar-holidays'. See the
documentation for that variable for a description of holiday lists.
The optional list of holidays L defaults to `calendar-holidays'.
When called interactively, this command offers a choice of
holidays, based on the variables `solar-holidays' etc. See the
documentation of `calendar-holidays' for a list of the variables
that control the choices, as well as a description of the format
of a holiday list.
The optional LABEL is used to label the buffer created."
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