Commit caea9a23 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

* lisp/org/org-clock.el (org-x11idle-exists-p): Be honest about which

command is actually sent to the shell.
parent 5761a2ec
......@@ -1066,9 +1066,11 @@ If `only-dangling-p' is non-nil, only ask to resolve dangling
(defvar org-x11idle-exists-p
;; Check that x11idle exists
(and (eq window-system 'x)
(eq (call-process-shell-command "command" nil nil nil "-v" org-clock-x11idle-program-name) 0)
(eq 0 (call-process-shell-command
(format "command -v %s" org-clock-x11idle-program-name)))
;; Check that x11idle can retrieve the idle time
(eq (call-process-shell-command org-clock-x11idle-program-name nil nil nil) 0)))
;; FIXME: Why "..-shell-command" rather than just `call-process'?
(eq 0 (call-process-shell-command org-clock-x11idle-program-name))))
(defun org-x11-idle-seconds ()
"Return the current X11 idle time in seconds."
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