Commit caf790b6 authored by Martin Rudalics's avatar Martin Rudalics
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(flymake-goto-file-and-line): Fix typo in string.

parent c4c0510a
......@@ -1268,10 +1268,9 @@ For the format of LINE-ERR-INFO, see `flymake-ler-make-ler'."
(defun flymake-goto-file-and-line (file line)
"Try to get buffer for FILE and goto line LINE in it."
(if (not (file-exists-p file))
(flymake-log 1 "file %s does not exists" file)
(flymake-log 1 "File %s does not exist" file)
(find-file file)
(goto-line line))))
(goto-line line)))
;; flymake minor mode declarations
(defvar flymake-mode-line nil)
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