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Add a task to check for modes that conflict with a new global binding M-s.

parent ea9c64a8
......@@ -38,6 +38,27 @@ be part of Gnus. They should be moved to some other part of Emacs.
rsteib: Gnus dependencies in `gnus-dired.el' (and `mailcap.el') have been
minimized. I don't know what is left to do here.
** Check for modes which bind M-s that conflicts with a new global binding M-s
and change key bindings where necessary. The current list of modes:
1. Gnus binds `M-s' to `gnus-summary-search-article-forward'.
2. Minibuffer binds `M-s' to `next-matching-history-element'
(not useful any more since C-s can now search in the history).
3. Shell mode binds `M-s' to `comint-next-matching-input'.
This key binding can be changed later when we will implement
incremental search through the shell history.
4. `center-line' in Text mode was already moved to the text formatting
keymap as `M-o M-s' (thus this binding is not necessary any more
in `nroff-mode-map' too and can be removed now from the nroff mode
because it can now use the global key binding `M-o M-s' `center-line').
5. PCL-CVS binds `M-s' to `cvs-status', and log-edit-mode binds it to
`log-edit-comment-search-forward'. Perhaps search commands
on the global key binding `M-s' are useless in these modes.
**, 30 Oct: ps-lpr-switches has no effect
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