Commit cb2e34b4 authored by Stefan Kangas's avatar Stefan Kangas

Remove outdated comment about Emacs 20 from viper.el

* lisp/emulation/viper-util.el (viper-chars-in-region): Remove
outdated comment.
parent b6d2ea05
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......@@ -249,15 +249,7 @@ Otherwise return the normal value."
(goto-char cur-pos)
;; Emacs used to count each multibyte character as several positions in the buffer,
;; so we had to use Emacs's chars-in-region to count characters. Since 20.3,
;; Emacs counts multibyte characters as 1 position. XEmacs has always been
;; counting each char as just one pos. So, now we can simply subtract beg from
;; end to determine the number of characters in a region.
(defun viper-chars-in-region (beg end &optional preserve-sign)
;;(let ((count (abs (if (fboundp 'chars-in-region)
;; (chars-in-region beg end)
;; (- end beg)))))
(let ((count (abs (- end beg))))
(if (and (< end beg) preserve-sign)
(- count)
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