Commit cb4fb1d0 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(byte-compile-function-environment): Doc fix.

(byte-compile-file-form-autoload): Don't warn about unknown functions
where the autoload statement comes after the use.
(with-no-warnings): Give it a byte-hunk-handler like than of progn, so
that any handlers inside the body (eg require) are in turn respected.
parent ba661bf0
......@@ -532,7 +532,8 @@ This is so we can inline them when necessary.
Each element looks like (FUNCTIONNAME . DEFINITION). It is
\(FUNCTIONNAME . nil) when a function is redefined as a macro.
It is \(FUNCTIONNAME . t) when all we know is that it was defined,
and we don't know the definition.")
and we don't know the definition. For an autoloaded function, DEFINITION
has the form (autoload . FILENAME).")
(defvar byte-compile-unresolved-functions nil
"Alist of undefined functions to which calls have been compiled.
......@@ -2301,13 +2302,25 @@ list that represents a doc string reference.
(eval (nth 5 form)) ;Macro
(eval form)) ;Define the autoload.
;; Avoid undefined function warnings for the autoload.
(if (and (consp (nth 1 form))
(when (and (consp (nth 1 form))
(eq (car (nth 1 form)) 'quote)
(consp (cdr (nth 1 form)))
(symbolp (nth 1 (nth 1 form))))
(push (cons (nth 1 (nth 1 form))
(cons 'autoload (cdr (cdr form))))
;; If an autoload occurs _before_ the first call to a function,
;; byte-compile-callargs-warn does not add an entry to
;; byte-compile-unresolved-functions. Here we mimic the logic
;; of byte-compile-callargs-warn so as not to warn if the
;; autoload comes _after_ the function call.
;; Alternatively, similar logic could go in
;; byte-compile-warn-about-unresolved-functions.
(or (memq (nth 1 (nth 1 form)) byte-compile-noruntime-functions)
(setq byte-compile-unresolved-functions
(delq (assq (nth 1 (nth 1 form))
(if (stringp (nth 3 form))
;; No doc string, so we can compile this as a normal form.
......@@ -2387,6 +2400,14 @@ list that represents a doc string reference.
;; Return nil so the forms are not output twice.
(put 'with-no-warnings 'byte-hunk-handler
(defun byte-compile-file-form-with-no-warnings (form)
;; cf byte-compile-file-form-progn.
(let (byte-compile-warnings)
(mapc 'byte-compile-file-form (cdr form))
;; This handler is not necessary, but it makes the output from dont-compile
;; and similar macros cleaner.
(put 'eval 'byte-hunk-handler 'byte-compile-file-form-eval)
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