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(MS-DOS Printing): Mention that printer port can be redirected via

Control Panel.
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......@@ -459,6 +459,11 @@ material to the printer connected to the machine @code{joes_pc}.
After this command, setting @code{printer-name} to @code{"LPT2"}
should produce the hardcopy on the networked printer.
With some varieties of Windows network software, you can instruct
Windows to capture a specific printer port such as @code{"LPT2"} and
redirect it to a networked printer via the @w{@code{Control
Panel->Printers}} applet instead of @samp{net use}.
Some printers expect DOS codepage encoding of non-ASCII text, even
though they are connected to a Windows machine which uses a different
encoding for the same locale. For example, in the Latin-1 locale, DOS
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