Commit cb6c237a authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(appt-disp-window): Restore a simplified version of

minibuffer-avoidance code deleted in previous change.
parent 40f79f5b
2007-11-24 Glenn Morris <>
* calendar/appt.el: Remove leading `*' from defcustom doc-strings.
(appt-disp-window): Don't require electric. Remove
minibuffer-avoidance code, since appt-select-lowest-window does that.
(appt-disp-window): Don't require electric. Simplify
minibuffer-avoidance code.
(appt-select-lowest-window): Avoid minibuffer.
* eshell/eshell.el: Remove leading `*' from defcustom doc-strings.
......@@ -436,6 +436,11 @@ displayed in a window:
"Display appointment message APPT-MSG in a separate buffer.
The appointment is due in MIN-TO-APP (a string) minutes.
NEW-TIME is a string giving the date."
;; Make sure we're not in the minibuffer before splitting the window.
;; FIXME this seems needlessly complicated?
(when (minibufferp)
(other-window 1)
(and (minibufferp) (display-multi-frame-p) (other-frame 1)))
(let ((this-window (selected-window))
(appt-disp-buf (set-buffer (get-buffer-create appt-buffer-name))))
(if (cdr (assq 'unsplittable (frame-parameters)))
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