Commit cb6e07b1 authored by Miles Bader's avatar Miles Bader
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(shell-font-lock-keywords): Remove prompt highlighting, since this is

  now done independently of font-lock mode.
parent d80061fa
......@@ -321,8 +321,7 @@ Thus, this does not include the shell's current directory.")
:group 'shell)
(defvar shell-font-lock-keywords
'((eval . (cons shell-prompt-pattern 'font-lock-warning-face))
("[ \t]\\([+-][^ \t\n]+\\)" 1 font-lock-comment-face)
'(("[ \t]\\([+-][^ \t\n]+\\)" 1 font-lock-comment-face)
("^[^ \t\n]+:.*" . font-lock-string-face)
("^\\[[1-9][0-9]*\\]" . font-lock-string-face))
"Additional expressions to highlight in Shell mode.")
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