Commit cb8d2612 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

* lisp/files.el (interpreter-mode-alist): Use tcl-mode for expect scripts.

parent 61611d54
2013-08-23 Glenn Morris <>
* files.el (interpreter-mode-alist): Use tcl-mode for expect scripts.
* files.el (create-file-buffer): Handle the vital case of a file
whose basename is all spaces. (Bug#15162)
......@@ -2455,6 +2455,7 @@ and `magic-mode-alist', which determines modes based on file contents.")
("wishx" . tcl-mode)
("tcl" . tcl-mode)
("tclsh" . tcl-mode)
("expect" . tcl-mode)
("scm" . scheme-mode)
("ash" . sh-mode)
("bash" . sh-mode)
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