Commit cba61075 authored by Juanma Barranquero's avatar Juanma Barranquero
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(remove-overlays, read-passwd): Fix docstring.

parent 64ec7df9
......@@ -1280,7 +1280,7 @@ any other non-digit terminates the character code and is then used as input."))
(defun read-passwd (prompt &optional confirm default)
"Read a password, prompting with PROMPT. Echo `.' for each character typed.
End with RET, LFD, or ESC. DEL or C-h rubs out. C-u kills line.
Optional argument CONFIRM, if non-nil, then read it twice to make sure.
If optional CONFIRM is non-nil, read password twice to make sure.
Optional DEFAULT is a default password to use instead of empty input."
(if confirm
(let (success)
......@@ -1534,8 +1534,8 @@ If MESSAGE is nil, instructions to type EXIT-CHAR are displayed there."
(defun remove-overlays (&optional beg end name val)
"Clear BEG and END of overlays whose property NAME has value VAL.
Overlays might be moved and or split.
BEG and END default to the beginning resp. end of buffer."
Overlays might be moved and/or split.
BEG and END default respectively to the beginning and end of buffer."
(unless beg (setq beg (point-min)))
(unless end (setq end (point-max)))
(if (< end beg)
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