Commit cba752d0 authored by Markus Rost's avatar Markus Rost

(customize-changed-options): Doc addition. Load the

version deps earlier.  Use other tests for groups and variables.
Handle faces.
parent 7ed16567
......@@ -950,7 +950,11 @@ values have changed since the previous major Emacs release.
With argument SINCE-VERSION (a string), customize all user option
variables that were added (or their meanings were changed) since that
Custom version numbers are actually associated to symbols. A symbol
with version number VERSION will be listed with all its definitions as
custom variable, face, or group."
(interactive "sCustomize options changed, since version (default all versions): ")
(if (equal since-version "")
......@@ -961,52 +965,35 @@ version."
(signal 'wrong-type-argument (list 'numberp since-version))))
(unless since-version
(setq since-version customize-changed-options-previous-release))
(let ((found nil)
(versions nil))
(mapatoms (lambda (symbol)
(and (or (boundp symbol)
;; For variables not yet loaded.
(get symbol 'standard-value)
;; For groups the previous test fails, this one
;; could be used to determine if symbol is a
;; group. Is there a better way for this?
(get symbol 'group-documentation))
(let ((version (get symbol 'custom-version)))
(and version
(or (null since-version)
(customize-version-lessp since-version version))
(if (member version versions)
;;; Collect all versions that we use.
(push version versions))))
(setq found
;; We have to set the right thing here,
;; depending if we have a group or a
;; variable.
(if (get symbol 'group-documentation)
(cons (list symbol 'custom-group) found)
(cons (list symbol 'custom-variable) found))))))
(if (not found)
(error "No user option defaults have been changed since Emacs %s"
(let ((flist nil))
(while versions
(push (copy-sequence
(cdr (assoc (car versions) custom-versions-load-alist)))
(setq versions (cdr versions)))
(put 'custom-versions-load-alist 'custom-loads
;; Get all the files that correspond to element from the
;; VERSIONS list. This could use some simplification.
(apply 'nconc flist)))
;; Because we set all the files needed to be loaded as a
;; `custom-loads' property to `custom-versions-load-alist' this
;; call will actually load them.
(custom-load-symbol 'custom-versions-load-alist)
;; Clean up
(put 'custom-versions-load-alist 'custom-loads nil)
(custom-buffer-create (custom-sort-items found t 'first)
"*Customize Changed Options*"))))
;; Load the information for versions since since-version. We use
;; custom-load-symbol for this.
(put 'custom-versions-load-alist 'custom-loads nil)
(dolist (elt custom-versions-load-alist)
(if (customize-version-lessp since-version (car elt))
(dolist (load (cdr elt))
(custom-add-load 'custom-versions-load-alist load))))
(custom-load-symbol 'custom-versions-load-alist)
(put 'custom-versions-load-alist 'custom-loads nil)
(let (found)
(lambda (symbol)
(let ((version (get symbol 'custom-version)))
(if version
(when (customize-version-lessp since-version version)
(if (or (get symbol 'custom-group)
(get symbol 'group-documentation))
(push (list symbol 'custom-group) found))
(if (custom-variable-p symbol)
(push (list symbol 'custom-variable) found))
(if (custom-facep symbol)
(push (list symbol 'custom-face) found)))))))
(if found
(custom-buffer-create (custom-sort-items found t 'first)
"*Customize Changed Options*")
(error "No user option defaults have been changed since Emacs %s"
(defun customize-version-lessp (version1 version2)
;; Why are the versions strings, and given that they are, why aren't
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