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(Fcompleting_read): Doc fix.

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......@@ -922,9 +922,13 @@ PROMPT is a string to prompt with; normally it ends in a colon and a space.\n\
TABLE is an alist whose elements' cars are strings, or an obarray.\n\
PREDICATE limits completion to a subset of TABLE.\n\
See `try-completion' for more details on completion, TABLE, and PREDICATE.\n\
If REQUIRE-MATCH is non-nil, the user is not allowed to exit unless\n\
the input is (or completes to) an element of TABLE or is null.\n\
If it is also not t, Return does not exit if it does non-null completion.\n\
If the input is null, `completing-read' returns nil,\n\
regardless of the value of REQUIRE-MATCH.\n\
If INITIAL-INPUT is non-nil, insert it in the minibuffer initially.\n\
If it is (STRING . POSITION), the initial input\n\
is STRING, but point is placed POSITION characters into the string.\n\
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