Commit cbc10ec7 authored by Tino Calancha's avatar Tino Calancha

Fix an assignment to free variable warning

It fixes a bug introduced by commit
'query-replace-regexp undo: Update next-replacement after undo'

* lisp/replace.el(perform-replace): Rename variable
to next-replacement-replaced.
parent 746b20c2
Pipeline #3182 passed with stage
in 60 minutes and 42 seconds
......@@ -2711,7 +2711,7 @@ characters."
search-string (nth (if replaced 4 3) elt)
last-replacement (nth (if replaced 3 4) elt)
search-string-replaced search-string
last-replacement-replaced last-replacement
next-replacement-replaced last-replacement
last-was-act-and-show nil)
(when (and (= stack-idx stack-len)
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