Commit cbeed5af authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Simplify some leim/ clean rules.

* (maintainer-clean): Use bootstrap-clean.
(extraclean): Fix deletion patterns.
parent c1d05286
2010-03-18 Glenn Morris <>
* (maintainer-clean): Use bootstrap-clean.
(extraclean): Fix deletion patterns.
* (dot): Remove, since ../ is used throughout the
other Makefiles.
......@@ -275,16 +275,17 @@ clean mostlyclean:
# bootstrapping should not leave non-fresh .elc files behind.
bootstrap-clean: clean
rm -f ${WORLD}
## FIXME some compiled files go to srcdir, some don't?
# cd ${srcdir}; rm -f *.elc */*.elc
distclean: clean
if test -f stamp-subdir; then rm -rf ${SUBDIRS} stamp-subdir; fi
rm -f Makefile
maintainer-clean: distclean
rm -f ${WORLD}
maintainer-clean: distclean bootstrap-clean
extraclean: maintainer-clean
-rm -f *~ \#* m/?*~ s/?*~
-rm -f *~ \#* */*~ */\#*
.PHONY: check-declare
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