Commit cbf08c39 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(align-regexp, align-highlight-rule): Use region-beginning and region-end

instead of point and mark, so that repetition (with `repeat-complex-command')
recomputes the region bounds.
parent 614b38a9
......@@ -931,8 +931,7 @@ using a REGEXP like \"(\". All you would have to do is to mark the
region, call `align-regexp' and type in that regular expression."
(list (min (point) (mark))
(max (point) (mark)))
(list (region-beginning) (region-end))
(if current-prefix-arg
(list (read-string "Complex align using regexp: "
......@@ -988,8 +987,7 @@ list of rules (see `align-rules-list'), it can be used to override the
default alignment rules that would have been used to identify the text
to be colored."
(list (min (mark) (point))
(max (mark) (point))
(list (region-beginning) (region-end)
"Title of rule to highlight: "
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