Commit cc1032b3 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(menu_item_equiv_key): Check whether def1 matches

un-aliased command name as well as given command name.
parent 6ee37df2
......@@ -324,6 +324,11 @@ menu_item_equiv_key (item_string, item1, descrip_ptr)
def1 = Fkey_binding (savedkey, Qnil);
/* If not, update it. */
if (! EQ (def1, def)
/* If the command is an alias for another
(such as easymenu.el and lmenu.el set it up),
check if the original command matches the cached command. */
&& !(SYMBOLP (def) && SYMBOLP (XSYMBOL (def)->function)
&& EQ (def1, XSYMBOL (def)->function))
/* If something had no key binding before, don't recheck it--
doing that takes too much time and makes menus too slow. */
&& !(!NILP (cachelist) && NILP (savedkey)))
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