Commit cc16dac3 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

(diary-face-attrs): Fix type of `width'.

(list-diary-entries-hook, mark-diary-entries-hook)
(include-other-diary-files, mark-included-diary-files): Doc fixes.
(diary-set-header): New function.
(diary-header-line-flag, diary-header-line-format):
Use diary-set-header for custom :set function.
(diary-set-maybe-redraw): Use symbol-value rather than eval.
(diary-attrtype-convert): Use intern-soft rather than read.
(diary-display-no-entries): New function.
(simple-diary-display, fancy-diary-display): Use it.
(fancy-diary-display): Doc fix.  Remove unneeded local entry-list.
parent 872edde5
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