Commit cc37a58c authored by Simon Marshall's avatar Simon Marshall
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Test for "" too; let it go to expand-file-name if it is equal.

parent 525c5be7
......@@ -355,7 +355,11 @@ Do not specify them in other calls."
;; to chase before getting an error.
;; PREV-DIRS can be a cons cell whose car is an alist
;; of truenames we've just recently computed.
(if (or (string= filename "~")
;; I don't understand the reason for these tests. To avoid string-match?
;; Something like (string-match "\\`\\'\\|~" filename) would do the same.
;; The last test looks dubious, maybe `+' is meant here? --simon.
(if (or (string= filename "") (string= filename "~")
(and (string= (substring filename 0 1) "~")
(string-match "~[^/]*" filename)))
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