Commit cc3e6465 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(describe_vector): Test for suppressed commands in

all cases.  Call get_keyelt with two arguments.
parent 67fc16a3
......@@ -2623,12 +2623,13 @@ describe_vector (vector, elt_prefix, elt_describer,
&& !CHARSET_DEFINED_P (i - 128))
definition = get_keyelt (XCHAR_TABLE (vector)->contents[i]);
if (NILP (definition)) continue;
definition = get_keyelt (XCHAR_TABLE (vector)->contents[i], 0);
definition = get_keyelt (XVECTOR (vector)->contents[i], 0);
if (NILP (definition)) continue;
/* Don't mention suppressed commands. */
if (SYMBOLP (definition) && partial)
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